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Our Patrons and Supporters

Our project has been supported by countless of people of importance who dedicated their time, resources, and intellect for our cause, and for that we are grateful.

"Nobody who has either suffered for our freedom or not should be forgotten"
Vaclav Havel

"Indifference, as it is known, is the mother of dictatorship".
Karel Schwarzenberg


My name is Marek Horváth and I’m the first student on Vaclav Havel’s scholarship. This scholarship allowed me to attend The English College in Prague. It was a great opportunity to study at this school, an opportunity that not many people have. Because of this I think it important that someone else gets the same opportunity that I did, that might seem unattainable now. Studying at this school gave me a lot of experiences and new feelings, same as it allowed me to get in touch with different cultures, something that someone else should also experience. The level of English that one can learn at this school is something that is very beneficial in these days. I think that the presence of another Roma student at this school will be beneficial not only to the student, but also his classmates, as they will see the Roma in a different light than that in which they are being shown today.

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You are helping us to create a better future
Thank you very much.

Members of the VHS Team

Alena Švejdová (Our Guarding Angel)
Selma Kaymakci (The Patient Boss)
Kryštof Folbrecht (The Room Temperature Inspector)
Martin Strnad (The Website Genius)
Anise Dos Reis (The Asker of Questions)
Anna Bartova
Karolina Hamdanova
Eileen Griffin
Tatana Horka
Linda Tomaskova

Click here to read a small collection of interviews from our team. (OOD)

Alena Švejdová

I am a Czech teacher, and I have worked with the team since the beginning of the project which was always close to my heart as I have been also involved in the preparation period.

What do you want the VHSC to teach the Roma community as well as our school community?
"To the Roma community: Let us cooperate, hard work always bring fruit. To our community - Let us learn how to open our hearts like a Roma singer does when they sing."

Selma Kaymakci

Hi everyone, I am Selma and I am a new member of the Vaclav Havel Scholarship Concert organisation team. I believe that good education is a key to success.Today's education is what will determine the future of our world. I think that by giving an opportunity to a Roma student to study at ECP we not only support the education, but also raise awareness and break the prejudices set by the society.

Martin Strnad

My name is Martin Strnad. I have set myself out on a journey of discovery and improvement. My aim is to be the best person I could be and help as many individuals on the way as possible. It's not easy. Nothing is. But I have been given a chance to study at a great school of ECP, an opportunity to fully develop myself in a highly productive, academic environment. I want to help another young person, regardless of their skin colour, to achieve the same goal. That's why I am part of the Vaclav Havel Scholarship.

Kryštof Folbrecht

Hello, my name is Kryštof and I started organising Václav Havel Scholarship Concert this year. I love to be a part of a team motivated by this initiative of providing opportunities for those who deserve them. I believe that good education is one of the most important aspects of a well-functioning society and that by making it accessible for others, we are investing into a better future.

Anna Bartová

I’m half Irish, half Czech, and I love theatre. I was in charge of managing our team last year and look forward to helping our team again.

What does Roma mean to you?
"A lovely community that I would love to see getting more opportunities in life which I am trying to give them."

Anise Dos Reis

Hi! My name is Anise, and I am new to the Václav Havel Scholarship concert organisation team. I think good education should be provided to talented students, not depending on their social status or financial situation and that is why I enjoy taking part in this project.

Karolina Hamdanova

Hi! My name is Karolina and I am a new member of the Václav Havel Scholarship concert. Education is one of the most important things. Present and future of the whole world is built only on our knowledge. Learning is the only one way we can develop us and our world.

Eileen Griffin

Hello, my name is Eileen Griffin and I am new to the Vaclav Havel concert organization team. I believe that education is vital. We are the ones that will decide the future and to make good decisions you need a good education. I believe that finance should not play a role in this and that is why I really like the idea of this entire project.
Education is one of the most important things. Present and future of the whole world is built only on our knowledge. Learning is the only one way we can develop us and our world.

Tatana Horka

Hello! I am Tanja, and I am a new member of the Vaclav Havel Scholarship Concert organisation team. I am excited to take a part in the project, as I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to access high-quality education no matter their financial situation.

Linda Tomaskova

Hello, I am Linda and I have already joined to Václav Havel Scholarship Organisation. Getting on ECP was one of the best things in my life and I am really happy I can help raising the money for the Scholarship for another new student.

David Jehlicka is one of the most distinguished former students of ECP and a member of the Vaclav Havel Scholarship Team.

Throughout his studies, David was the leader of the Václav Havel Scholarship team that organised the annual concert at Anežský klášter to raise money to enable a Roma student to study at the English College. For his contributions, David has won the British Ambassador’s Award - Young Person of the Year” Award.

David grew up in a foster home without his parents, and due to his dedication, he has now secured a place at a prestigious university of London School of Economics and Political Science.

Click here to read more about his story and watch this intriguing interview


Seven years ago four students of ECP, Chhavi Maggu, Dora Robinson, Courtney Kaye and Marie Smetánková, decided, after finishing the IB exams, to collect sufficient resources to provide an education at ECP for one child coming from a less fortunate background, who would benefit significantly from this opportunity. Thanks to a very successful auction they were able to raise a large amount of money, which laid a foundation to the Václav Havel Scholarship. Václav Havel, our patron at that time, dedicated his name to the project. Thanks to the Václav Havel Scholarship and the support from ECP, six years ago a young Roma Marek Horváth student became our classmate. Click here to read a testimonial by Marek Horváth himself as well as a message from our founders.

Four years ago, our team consisting of seven students of different ages followed up on the project of our four classmates. The first beneficiary of the Václav Havel Scholarship is going to graduate this year. Keeping this in mind, our focus is to provide the same possibility for another Roma girl or boy. We organised (insert concert history here) three benefit concerts and an awareness week about the Roma community. So far we were able to raise 1 300 000 CZK. Click here to learn more about our current team.

Roma people have been in Czech lands since the early 15th century and now make up 2% - 3% of our population. Unfortunately, they have not been given the same opportunities as other citizens as a result. By integrating all social groups including Roma people into society, everyone will benefit including our school community, the Roma community, and the Czech community. By not integrating Roma people we are breaking bridges, creating stigmas and ignoring valuable knowledge they can offer. When projects like the Vaclav Havel Scholarship Concert provide opportunity to a Roma child who otherwise would not have been able to attend this school we are not only providing opportunity for the child, but the entire Roma community. We can inspire an entire community.

This interview with a Holocaust camp Lety survivor sheds light on the reasons why it is so vital to integrate Roma people into our communities and why we must give them the same opportunities in all areas of life. (CZ)


The English College in Prague – Anglické gymnázium, o.p.s.
Sokolovská 320
190 00 Praha 9 – Vysočany

If you would like to contact us for more information, please speak to one of our PR representatives.

Selma Kaymakci (CZE)
Kryštof Folbrecht (CZE)

When we first founded the Havel scholarship in 2011, our aim was to provide a student from a disadvantaged background with a chance to study at ECP. We also hoped that it would establish itself as the first student-led scholarship initiative at the ECP, and would be carried on by after we left the College. Although none of us could be at the concert, it makes us very proud to know that our initiative has not been forgotten. Our concert is a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the many talented individuals at ECP, while contributing towards a good cause. It also provides the chance to remember Vaclav Havel, who supported our cause and knew the difference that a good education can make, and we feel very honoured to be carrying on this scholarship under his name. Thank you all for coming and a special thank you to the students that have dedicated their time and effort into making this possible.

Chhavi, Courtney, Dora, Marie

Art Competition

Since the 2019 Beneficial VHC Concert was cancelled, our Team came up with a new annual event as a part of the Vaclav Havel Scholarship - Annual Art Competition.

2019 Art Competition was a success. The contributions will be part of the auction for the next Beneficial VHC Concert.

2020 Art Competition is on the way! Please consider entering and drawing your way to a day out!

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